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Avalon Outdoors & Patios LLC

Additional Services

Services will be estimated for your specific property needs

Spring Clean up

This service is a total yard clean up. We trim all the trees, bushes, and shrubs. Clean out the falls left over leafs and rubbish. Remove plants that have died and pull and spray weeds and saplings. Clean out and start water features and irrigation systems.


This service provides a complete clean out and mulching of plant beds. We pull and spray weeds and saplings. Re edge the beds and apply Preen to control gestation of new weeds and grass seeds. We then use double ground, premium( brown or black ) mulch, to fill beds to desired height.

Monthly Clean up

This service is a total yard clean up with a light trimming to keep trees, bushes, and shrubs under control. Pull and spray weeds and saplings. Check and repair sprinkler or drip irrigation systems. Check water features pumps and clean filters. Churn mulch to keep it fresh looking and mold, fungus free. ( Price depends on size of the yard )

Irrigation Blow out

This service includes the blow out and system check. Documentation of broken or damaged parts. Then we turn the water supply and your system off. $165.00

Fall Clean up

This service is a end of the year total yard clean up. Cut down grasses, and trim up other plants for winter. Clean out beds and remove debris from under bushes and shrubs.

Fall Leaf Removal

Remove Fall Leaves from the property (1/4 acre $250.00 1/2 acre $450.00 1 full acre $650.00).

Snow Removal

We remove snow from walkways and driveways and salt them. Residential $60.00 ( Up to 4" ) Includes Driveway, Sidewalk, Steps, and salted. Commercial $75.00 per man hour and $15.00 per bag of salt.