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Avalon Outdoors & Patios LLC

Who We Are And Why Us?

Hello there, my name is Shaun and I welcome you to Avalon Outdoors & Patios. A newly established company built on a foundation of 25 years of knowledge. We believe in delivering a great finished product at a fair and honest price. Giving the customer what they want, not pushing them into something that they will settle for. Customer satisfaction is of the highest priority, we wanna hear (WoW!!!) when you see our work. We use great products from manufacturers like, Belgard, Unilock, Reading Rock, Hesset, Semco Stone, and Stone Age. I have built beautiful backyard oasis's for people like the ex V.P. of Shoe Carnival, a M.M.A fighter, a pro golfer and many more. Some of the projects have been in the Belgard and the Unilock product catalogs. We offer many great and valuable services that allow you to just enjoy your little private vacation spot year round. Well thanks for giving us a peek and a little of your time. If you have any questions, just go to our contacts page and leave us a little info so we can reach you. Have a nice day.